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Welcome to Coach Barn Kennels & Cattery

Coach Barn Kennels and Cattery has been established at its present location for forty years. In 1993 a complete new building program was undertaken which resulted in both the kennels and cattery being built from the ground up. This program was completed in 1996 by the opening for our new kitchens store rooms and special care room.

Our priority and main purpose is whilst you are away to look after your pets to the best of our ability thus ensuring your peace of mind.

Leaving Your Pet

Boarding a pet for the first time can be a fraught experience for the new owner, however most settle down very quickly and whilst the owner is suffering pangs of remorse their pet is tucking into a good meal and making friends with its neighbours. We like to think the “old hands” that have been coming regularly to stay for many years enjoy their vacation and we do our best to make it so. We do of course supply all our “guests” with a bed and mattress but is comforting for the dog or cat to have something from home, perhaps an old blanket or jumper. Some even arrive with their favourite toys!

A Healthy Diet

At Coach Barn we consider the dietary needs, of your pet influence greatly its well being whilst in our care, it is for this reason that we make every effort to offer the same brand of food that the animal has been used to at home. If you are concerned about your dog or cat’s diet let us know. An obese animal can be put on a low fat diet during its stay with us which could be carried on at home, conversely if you know your pet has a large appetite and requires extra food we are more than happy to oblige.


We have a fully equipped air-conditioned grooming parlour run by Janet Little who has over thirty years experience and has been with the present owners of Coach Barn since 1992. Our professional service for all breeds of dogs and cats includes bathing, clipping or hand stripping and attention to toe nails and ears.

Our Kennels

We like to think our brick built kennels have the largest individual runs of any other similar establishment. We have various arrangements of kennel. Larger kennels able to accommodate up to three or four dogs depending on size, other kennels which can accommodate more than one dog but have separate feeding and / or sleeping quarters (in both these examples dogs would be from the same family, we never board dogs from different homes together), and of course individual kennels. In colder weather the kennels are heated (this is included in our inclusive rate).


Dogs must have had an annual booster inoculation during the previous 12 months which must contain protection against Para influenza. This will be administered by your veterinary surgeon.

 Our Cattery


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The cattery is of brick construction. The “chalets” and individual runs are indoors under a tiled roof which means the cats can exercise in any weather. In colder weather the chalets themselves are heated. As a matter of interest the Council Veterinary who inspects the kennels and cattery considers the cattery to be of an excellent design, secure and at the same time affording its occupants a healthy environment.


All cats must have been inoculated during the previous 12 months against feline enteritis and influenza.

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